I am available for seminars anywhere in the world. I don't ask for a lot of money, I am not picky about where to sleep, I eat almost anything and I make sure to roll with everyone attending, including that big, scary-looking guy you have in your gym, that might tap me out in front of everyone and ruin the illusion that I cannot die. I am also an experienced traveler, so you don't have to worry about me getting lost or not being able to entertain myself if left alone for five minutes :)

You are are interested in having me visit for a seminar, shoot me an email on and we'll work something out.

"A lot of the studens in BG had prior experiences with Cristian Graugart both from seminars, camps and training at CSA, so a seminar had been in the making for some time after all the positive feedback we had heard. Now except from being an innovative and inspirational figure in the BJJ world, we quickly learned that he also can hold classes all day, kick ass, take names and be totally chill the whole time. We learned everything from slick new subs, to small but important tweeks to basic moves. We will try to have him back many more times the coming years."
- Eivind Windsrygg, Bergen Grappling, Norway

"I first heard about Christian through his blog. The first thing that came to mind was to get in touch with him and get him to visit our academy. In the past we`ve had mixed experiences with bringing black belts to the academy, but Christian has been a "yes man" from the get-go. Everything seemed easy, and this proved to be the the reacurring tone through his time in Bergen. The most important thing to Christian seems to be the the BJJ lifestyle and meeting new people at new places.

As a BJJ instructor Christian brought a new approach to the table. Not a lot of fancy "flying ninja reversed arm-bar" moves, but great basic drills to get solid fundamentals. This proved to be great for all of the attending students, and everyone had a great time.

Christian rolled with everyone attending the seminar (24 people), which was really impressive and proves that he has no fear to get his ego broken (not that anyone could hang with him, but who knew?). It also seemed like he had the answers for all of our BJJ problems (probably personal problems as well, I suggest you try).

I would recommend Christian to anyone who wants to have a great time on the mats, and for anyone who wants to improve their game."

- Dag Olav Vinje, Fight & Fitness, Bergen, Norway.

"Was really nice to meet you and have your short seminar with our group. The feedback I got was extremely good and your techniques and the easygoing manner they were presented, were highly appreciated :) Cheers!"
- Marcis Krastins, Riga, Latvia

"Christian Graugart is an extremely competent seminar-teacher of BJJ. Christian creates a informal, fun, learning oriented and good spirited mood, from even before the seminar starts. He then proceeds to teach Jiujitsu in a way where everybody from the newly started rookie to the most experienced tournament players with medals and years of training learns, and learns alot - fast. He does this by breaking down the Jiujitsu, he teaches into little "games", making it much more fun and easy for the modern student to understand and adapt.

Christian stands out in the world of BJJ by being able to keep the seminar at a good pace, it's never boring, nor to compressed. He keeps the pace in a flow. Thereby he makes the episode something people walk away from, both better at jitz and with a smile on their face. - We in the Odense BJJ-community give him our highest recommendations and hope that you get the chance to train with him."

- Mads Maagaard, Fightgym Odense, Denmark

"Seminar was perfect! My first acquaintance with Christian and his jiujitsu took place at his Moldavian seminar, where I was invited by good friend of mine, Kiril Stirbu. And now we meet each other at third time here in Russia, in my home town Kovrov, where I invited Christian to make a seminar. Thanks to Mr. Graugart BJJ virus infected me forever.

His ability to explain everything in a simple way helps to understand easily complicated issues, and when he explains his vision of BJJ basics no one stay indifferent, both newcomer white belt and advanced jiujitsu practitioner. In addition Chris impressed me a lot as a nice, positive-minded and open person. Even those who don’t speak English understand him :)

His seminar gave us a lot of new material for study and new motivation for further BJJ exploration. Christian is amazing instructor and I hope we will meet at his seminars more than once.

P.S. And it seemed to me he appreciated Russian sauna aka Banya!:)"

- Vladimir “Polar Bear” Samygin, Kovrov, Russia

"Christian's seminar was visited by representatives of many Russian schools, and it was really crowded. Christian showed loads of interesting drills, and led the seminar in a friendly atmosphere, with music playing and jokes being made along the way. It is amazing how he created such atmosphere even though many people met at the seminar for the first time. Christian is a very interesting black belt, a successfully performing sportsman, and his techniques work 100%! His motto is that one should take pleasure in playing BJJ and be patient as they play. He showed separate elements, techniques and tactics, and then combined it in a single motion – cool and clear.

I would like to thank Christian, and I hope that his visits to Russia will be more frequent, as he has many friends and fans here.

OSS everybody!"

- Lena “Kimatsu” Zenkevich, Blue belt gold medalist of WPJJC 2012, Russia

"I have know Christian for quite a few years and have always been impressed with how easily he can turn complex technique into simple concepts and turn those concepts into a fun game that is totally challenging and engaging for anyone in attendance, regardless of belt level. Christian is one of those rare BJJ players who is just as good rolling on the mat, as he is when he is teaching and coaching, and he understands that there is a difference between those two approaches. The one thing i always know my students will come away with after training with Christian is a smile. His passion for teaching & training BJJ is infectious and his ability to instantly create a positive and healthy environment to train in is a valuable and unique trait. I would recommend anyone looking to get a better understanding of BJJ or simply looking to have fun on the mat with a very well traveled person and practicioner to give Christian Graugart a ring. You won't regret it... unless you take him out to an all-you-can-eat sushi place :)"
- Christian Montes, Ronin Athletics, New York, United States

"Christian came to visit us in this remote part of Taiwan in April 2011 and gave us an awesome seminar on sweeps for no-gi grappling. We all really enjoyed his warm-up, which included a lot of on the spot movements, and we still do that same warm-up to this day!

I really enjoyed the way he taught sweeps in terms of concepts, as opposed to spending too much time on rigid/specific techniques and their details, it got us thinking about a bigger picture, and the details seemed to work themselves out. After class, we also got a lot of ideas from Christian on training.

Christian’s visit was a very important part of our club’s development. He was the first real “high level” bjj guy to come to our humble gym here in Taitung, and it inspired us to raise our goals and improve. Some of the people that came only as spectators started to train, and the guys that were only beginning have gotten much better.

Thanks again!"

- Val Penin, Taidong MMA, Taiwan

"I met Christian through a good friend who showed me his website regarding his world travels and training in BJJ. What Christian is doing is exactly what I wanted to do with my life training in Mixed Martial Arts. I was so inspired that I had Christian stay with me and teach my small clan of students. I was amazed at his teaching ability to simplify and explain key concepts. I still use his phrases to teach guard passing to this day. More than training though, Christian is a special human being that by daring greatly causes all of us to reach further than we ever thought possible...and have a good time doing it! Thank you Christian! ALOHA and Come back to Hawaii anytime!"
- Steven Saito, Hawaii, United States

"It was an unforgettable weekend. BJJ is not a mere job for Christian, it is his passion, his dream and his life. He is one of the few who made their vocation a profession and who enjoy their professional experiences every day. Christian is a perfect teacher – even though he does not know my language, he could teach without any verbal explanations, sharing his experiences heartily. His BJJ performance is both effective and splendid, he can predict the opponent’s moves forcing him to surrender. A lesson by Christian is always unique, offering edgy technique and attention to detail, coupled with a friendly atmosphere and funny jokes. Thanks a lot, Christian! It would be our pleasure to welcome you back in Moscow one day soon!"
- Nikolay Chuchkalov, Moscow, Russia

"We in Gracie Barra Colombia recommend Christian's seminars. His approach to the technique is more orientated to the body mechanics and lets the student create his own style through the motion. "5 points of control from side control and the escape from sidecontrol" is the knowledge he pass to us, and completely changed the dominance of our competitors in competition. Thank you, Graugart!"
- Carlos Barreto, Gracie Barra Medellin, Colombia

"This dude is so and so at breaking arms, but very good at breaking down techniques and more important, CONCEPTS!"
- Tudor Mihaita, Absoluto Fighting Center, Romania

"I am sure many people will tell you that Christian is very good instructor. I agree with that completely. However he is also accomplished businessman who can give you open advise on how to improve your gym and how to PR correctly. He is funny, humble and technical which is a great combination for BJJ instructor. It was a pleasure working with him. We are looking forward to see him in Corvos again in the future."
- Burak Deger Bicer, Corvos Academy Istanbul, Turkey

"Despite just arriving in the Philippines, Christian headed straight out to the gym during one of the hottest months of the year. With plenty of bodies and little air circulating I was wondering if he would last. But Christian put on a great seminar shared a lot good techniques and a few good stories as well. The guys had fun and we all enjoyed having him at the club. BJJ is a journey, but Christian has made it an adventure."
- Stephen Kamphuis, KMA Manila, Philippines

"I'm not exaggerating when saying this guy changed our life within a 2 hours long seminar. He brought a new perspective on jiu-jitsu training (we didn't have the chance to experience BJJ before) and life in general. Because of Christian, I'm now slowly embracing the BJJ lifestyle and I love it. Thanks man!"
- Ion Vartic, BJJ Athletic, Moldova

"I had the pleasure of meeting Christian while he was on his Around the World BJJ Adventure. He was in Ankara, Turkey for 3 days during which he taught a series of BJJ classes at my gym. His approach to BJJ is unique and his ability to break down techniques to simple concepts and way of teaching is outstanding. He focuses on principles that everyone, regardless of level of grappling can benefit. Awesome grappler, wonderful teacher and a true friend."
- Eren Anlar, BJJ Ankara, Turkey

"Christian came to Aberdeen, showed us some awesome jiu-jitsu, interesting warm-up drills (one that saw part of a vent pipe 10ft up in the air fall off) and offered insights into his thinking on the sport. We showed him hills, castles and how to make whisky. Seems like a fair swap... The seminar did not just involve Christian unloading a load of techniques on those in attendance. Rather he offered advice that will stay with us throughout our years in BJJ and beyond. For that, we are all extremely grateful.
- Kenny Smith, Granite City Grappling, Scotland

"Christian was in Spartan Jiu Jitsu Panama for 3 days, where he taught the gi and no gi class. We, the instructors staff and all the students were very happy with his way of teaching, and his entertaining explanations of the techniques. Very nice and flow jiu jitsu, we directly here from Panamá recommend if u have the opportunity to train or learn from the Globetrotter. Hope to have you here again for a visit!"
- Miguel Espino, Spartan Jiu Jitsu, Panama