Sunday, September 22, 2013

Finally had knee surgery & project 90 kg

For way too long, I've had problems with my knees. It all started with this toe hold a while back, that blew my meniscus and tore my ACL:

It was a big issue for me, when I was traveling and a constant worry in the back of my mind. A few years and lot of De La Riva guard later, I had accumulated even more little injuries, and while waiting for another injury to heal, I decided to have surgery on both knees and get it all done at once.

It's been a week since my double surgery now, and my knees are healing up day by day. I can walk pretty normally already and should be able to be back on the mats in 2-3 more weeks from now.

It's frustrating to be sidelined, but at least the rest of my body feels pretty good at this point (back, shoulder and what else injuries I've been battling). So hopefully, when the knees are healed up, I can really get back in action.

Just to make sure I wouldn't go crazy from not doing anything for so long, I've made it my project to lift weights at a bit more serious level. Back in 2006-2007, I weighed a whopping 90 kilos, but since I dropped weight for a competition, I have been consistently under 80 kilos. There is a NAGA competition in Paris in two months and the no-gi weight classes are -80 and -90 kg, so just because I can, I've set it as my goal to reach 90 kilos for that event. I started 8th of August with the project and it's going pretty well so far and looks like I can make it. It will be fun to be a heavy weight again! :D

Lots of other stuff is going on here. I am working hard on promoting two training camps, one is a fall camp here in my gym in Copenhagen, Denmark and another is a surf and BJJ camp in El Salvador in February. If you wanna join in, you are most welcome! :)


bokstotherescue said...

Given that you had surgery on both knees, what are your plans to stay in shape?

Furthermore, what about Jiujitsu, will there be zero jiujitsu until your 100% recovered or do you have a plan in mind to work around the injury?

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