Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wrestling and my face

I am currently studying the low single leg a lot and trying to implement it into my game. Constantly wrestling for that foot from any neutral or bottom position. It's a great takedown and sweep, but it comes with a price... for my face!

This is what I collected in one week of low singles:


Dubious Dom said...

Ouch man.

Anonymous said...

take it the eye was caused by a knee. Low singles are my faves very hard to beat with minimum change of being subbed. Happy drilling :D

Anonymous said...

oh man lol

Anonymous said...

can you film a video of it? I've always wanted to learn it but can't find a good video. Have you found any?

Anonymous said...

Ear guards are a must dude

And the mouth cuts...sooo many ulcers. I feel ya pain