Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Europeans next week

My preparations for the Europeans in Portugal next week as been as horrendous, as I had expected. Although my back is feeling pretty strong, both my knee still hurts quite a bit. I have an appointment at the hospital to have a look at them in two weeks, so at least I'll know whats wrong there.

I had just gotten up in gear with the training, when I was hit by the flu and had to stay away from the mats for about eight days. First training back was Friday, five days ago, and I felt like my lungs were collapsing. It feels like I am getting back in shape quickly though and have been rolling and doing strength and conditioning almost every day now. I just hope I'll peak a little bit next week at the competition :D

As always, I am excited to go down there. It will be my first time competing at this big tournament as a black belt, and I expect it to be as tough as it can be. Probably won't be any medals this year, but at least I am stepping on the mat and not just staying home :)

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