Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Got the MRI scan verdict today

I got the answer today, that I expected; slight herniated disc in lower back, touching the nerve root to the left leg. It really doesn't change anything for me, as it was exactly what I thought it would be. Good news are, that the doctor said, there was an approximately 100% recovery rate with the size of the herniation I have, my age and physical shape.

So I'll just keep doing my daily rehab routine as I have done for the last five months. The last two evenings have been milestones for me, as I have managed to roll with the two heaviest guys in my gym (+/- 100 kg) and my back felt pretty good still.

My goal right now is to be able to participate in the London Open and No-gi Europeans next month. I am not expecting to win anything, but it will be a victory for me just to be able to go through the preparations and step on the mat in London.

Baby steps!


Kristian said...

Hi, have the same issue and I have been recovering from it for a year. It is pretty good now and I am able to roll quite normally.

What kind of rehab program are doing? I have been doing a lot of core excersices, but they are quite booring and any new tips for rehab excersices are welcome.

Derek said...

do you think your inverted guard caused this? i kind of get spinal pain once in a while, been doing yoga cause my hamstrings are quite tight. Kristian Salo id recommend yoga too, theres some really good stretches for the back and you really fix any imbalances. and ive done all sorst of physio and tried basically everything (not that my back is bad).

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