Friday, February 17, 2012

Mission: Heal

Now the Europeans are over, I have made a decision to change my focus for the upcoming period. Since august, I have had some problem with my right shoulder, that has come and gone. It has held me from doing any upper body weight training, which I miss very much, and it also restricts the amount of sparring I can do per week. Apart from the shoulder, I have some other little injuries in fingers, (other) shoulder, knees and so on.

As long as I keep competing and thereby push myself, these things seems to not get better at all. Therefore, I have made a decision to change my focus 100% towards recovery of my injuries. I have to get back on track, so I can amp up the weekly sparring and also get back in solid weight lifting shape. My weight has been stable around 78 kg for a while now, and I really want to get closer to the -82 kg division's weight limit, since most of my losses are to guys, who are physically stronger than me.

Mission goals:
  • Recover from shoulder injury
  • Be able to lift weights again
My promise to myself is therefore to do the following:
  • No competitions
  • No hard rounds of sparring
  • Sparring only three days a week
  • 3-4x a week rehab training of shoulder, knee and back
  • Remember to ice shoulder after each training session
On a sidenote, my back feels really good. For a long time, I have wanted to start skiing/snowboarding, but I have been too afraid to do it because of the herniated disc. Since I have now successfully started to deadlift a little again, I took the chance yesterday and drove to a skiing slope in Sweden with my little brother. It was my first time on snowboard (I only skied once about 17 years ago), and it was a big succes. No pain in my back what so ever! Learning to snowboard will definitely be one of my projects for the future :)


Anonymous said...

I love the heads up shots in your videos. They make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Any plans for the irish open

Christian Graugart said...

Did you read the blogpost at all? :D

Anonymous said...

Shoulder injuries suck!

Brendan said...

I think this is an incredibly insightful post. I think for somebody who competes and trains as often as you do, we could all really benefit from hearing more of your thoughts on recovery =o)

Carlo said...

Pretty cool video with the GoPro, see youre having a good use of it. Good rest at Thailand.


Berlin said...

LOL-Great video Chris! Just take care man, go for your goal!

historypak said...

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