Saturday, February 25, 2012

Huge rehab milestone for my herniated disc

In august 2006, I got a herniated disc in my lower back due to heavy deadlift. For years, I couldn't life anything with my legs without being in pain for several days/weeks after, but today - after a lot of focus on rehab training - I finally reached my first milestone goal of lifting 100 kg.

Great feeling!


Anonymous said...

Grats man

siemelinin said...

Congrats! I got up to 150kg (single max lifts) without any proper training. Then started BJJ and thought, screw this, don't need brute strength. Deadlift is the easiest way to screw up your back anyways.

Reps are more important than max weight. Take it step by step and keep improving! said...

I'm sure this took a lot of patience as well. Congrats! (Jen)

Melissa Cruz said...

Hope you are doing well know. I want to get a Herniated Disc Treatment in LA. Before that am searching a lot in that. Thanks for sharing.