Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BJJ Globetrotter wins "Best BJJ blog of 2011" award... twice.

Recently found out, that my BJJ Globetrotter blog won best blog of the year awards with both (tied) and Jiu Jitsu Laboratory.

Man, I miss writing that blog :)


Brendan said...

Please just keep running this one! It was an honor to read your blog and participate in your journey with you. Can't wait for the book!

Brendan at GiReviews.Net

siemelinin said...

Your stuff deserves the top spot! You're a good writer and you got interesting thoughts on BJJ and life in general.

Keep on rollin'!

Wish we could have you teach us here in Finland.

Miika said...

Keep it up! Great inspirational stuff. Will be rocking your shirt soon as well