Saturday, August 16, 2008

Great training today

It was probably just a regular training for everyone else in the class today, but I managed to go through a full day of training for the first time since a got my injuries a few weeks ago. I can only use my right hand as a knife-/judochophand with my thumb in, but it worked out pretty well for me today. Since I couldn't control my opponents wrist with my right hand, I had to work on getting under- and overhooks in the guard instead an voila, an oooold friend, the butterfly sweep, just came by for a visit.

Anyways, I managed to spar for a total of about an hour and a half, then did some pullups and work in the rings afterwards. We just got a new 8 meter pullup bar with rope and rings, and all our weights have been collecting dust since it came up :D We also bought a hammock to hang in it, which I use a lot in the daytime when just relaxing before class.

Besides the training, I am getting to ride my bicycle a lot these days due to the nice weather. It is almost meditating to just stroll home through the city for half an hour after a good, hard practice.

What a perfect way to start a beautiful sunny weekend!! :)

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